Embassy of Heaven




Appealing to Men's Courts

Some of the brethren proposed having the U.S. Supreme Court sign an injunction to prevent the States from interfering with Church activities, unless Church members constitute an immediate threat to someone or their property.

The only function such a document would serve is to pray to Antichrist for relief. Why would we want to do that? It is a principle of law that if you ask a court for a decision, it is assumed you will abide by their decision. Asking the court to do something is also tacit recognition of their authority over you. What if you don't like the court's decision? By going to them, you have obligated yourself to obey their ruling.

What the Church is really struggling over is authority. We want to have a standing in Christ. We don't want a standing recognized by the world, for what communion has the Kingdom of Light with the Kingdom of Darkness?

The officials of the Church will come into authority because they are acting in His name, in a righteous manner. Everyone will notice who the real Authority is. The real question is, "Who sits on the highest throne?"

We, as Christians, have been given the highest Authority, and we need to act in a Christian manner as we carry out His commands. We must joyfully accept the plundering of our property and meekly suffer, rather than retaliate. At some point, unbelievers will start to see how harshly Christ's people are being treated. They will be unable to stomach such cruelty. Eventually, those who rule over the unbelievers will make their own "toleration acts" for these peculiar people who are suffering at their hands. We do not need to petition their government. Their own people will demand that something be done.

The unbelievers need to take the initiative in making a place for God's elect, lest they be destroyed in their way. We are not called to "plea bargain" with the unbelievers, but to rule the earth and make them His footstool.