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Kingdom of Heaven Documents

What's the State and/or Federal Interest?

In the Spring of 1993, the United States Secret Service completed an investigation of the Embassy of Heaven for possible violations of State and/or Federal law related to our issuing Heaven traveling documents. Apparently, several States had contacted the Federal government with questions as to the legality of the Heaven driver licenses, vehicle titling and registration documents, and Heaven vehicle plates.

The Secret Service had decided to conduct a secret investigation of the Embassy of Heaven Church. Two men, posing as potential members, visited the Church, purchased some of our materials and chatted with Paul Revere, the pastor. As the investigation drew to a conclusion, Special Agent Timothy Fidel called and claimed that our Kingdom of Heaven documents violated State and Federal law. He ordered the Church to cease and desist from making them. He also alluded that there would be trouble if we continued to produce the documents.

Pastor Revere asked Fidel what the Federal and/or State interest was in the Kingdom of Heaven. No place in our publications or on the documents themselves do we claim that the Heaven documents are founded on the State or Federal government. Fidel had to admit there was no Federal or State interest. Fidel then announced that the Attorney General's office had determined that the Heaven documents did not violate Federal laws and the case was closed.

Legality of Kingdom of Heaven Documents

After the case was closed, this letter was sent to Timothy Fidel confirming the validity of Kingdom of Heaven documents.

May 7, Year of our Lord, 1993

Timothy Fidel
U. S. Secret Service
121 SW Salmon, Suite 1330
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 326-2162

Greetings from the Kingdom of Heaven under the authority of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May His Grace and Peace be upon you.

On May 5th, you called to say that the Embassy of Heaven has been under investigation for possible violations of state and federal law. Your concern was that several states had contacted your office with questions as to the legality of the Heaven driver licenses, Heaven vehicle certificates of title, Heaven registrations and Heaven vehicle plates.

We believe there is no federal or state interest in our documents and, therefore, they are not subject to federal or state scrutiny. You concluded that since the Heaven documents are not purporting to be state or federal documents, there is no violation of federal law. You also said that the U. S. attorney for your district has decided not to prosecute and the investigation is closed.

The next time you receive a request for information regarding the Embassy of Heaven, please inform them that we represent the independent nation of Heaven. We are authorized by Jesus Christ to maintain a system of records for the Kingdom of Heaven. We issue driving and vehicle documents as evidence of our authorization to use the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

We do not grant the state or federal governments permission to arrest our citizens, issue citations, seize vehicles or confiscate documents. If any state or federal agency has a complaint against one of our citizens, they need to file a complaint with our office and we will investigate, and if necessary, set a hearing.

We thank you for your interest in the Embassy of Heaven. We have enclosed some books to help answer your questions on Heaven citizenship.

May you know the peace and joy of the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Paul Revere, Pastor