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Multiple Jurisdiction Highways

There is one argument that the state cannot overcome. Neither the officer who recently arrested me, nor the Sheriff who was holding Caleb Israel in jail could prevail on this point. They cannot overcome the fact that we are not using the highways in their state. We are using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Most people do not realize that the same stretch of concrete has multiple jurisdictions. State of Washington claims certain highways as their highways. But the Kingdom of Heaven claims these same highways for their purposes. And no one can deny that claim.

As soon as you raise the issue, you disable the state. You have raised the issue that there are highways that do not belong to the state, just as there are fish and deer and even people that do not belong to the state. There are some things that belong to God, not the state.

When a police officer stops you, he has authority to write citations if:

  1. You are a state resident; or
  2. You use the "highways in this state."

Several years ago, before we realized the futility of trying to win in their courts, one of our ambassadors filed an appeal stating that he did not need a state driver license because he was already licensed by the Kingdom of Heaven.

The state countered by saying that our ambassador did not claim to be using the "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven." Therefore, since he was apparently using the "highways in this state," he was required to obtain a state driver license. This was the first time we realized it was not enough to claim that we were residents and citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must also claim the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We used to think that the state could only rule over their own residents. But when it comes to using state highways, this is not true. Anyone who uses the "highways in this state," are subject to the decrees of the state.

Multiple jurisdictions use same highways

There are many jurisdictions claiming authority over the same highways. For instance, the United States Army has military highways for purposes of defense. The United States Postal Service has post roads for purposes of delivering mail. The state has "highways in this state" for purposes of regulating its drivers, and the Embassy of Heaven has "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven" for purposes of proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations. All these authorities have "concurrent jurisdiction" over the same physical highways. But those of us claiming the Kingdom of Heaven highways have the paramount claim to the highways because our Father created them and His son commanded us to use them. (See Matthew 28:18-20)

The state and its political subdivisions are stewards for the maintenance of the highways. That does not mean they own the highways. Specific government entities are charged with the maintenance and construction of the highways. To identify the custodian of these highways, they are designated State Highway 22 or County Road 208. It may appear that the state or county owns the highways, but they are merely stewards.

There is one form of stewardship we do not recognize. That is when the state takes dominion over the highways, treating them as their own. They start regulating who can and who cannot use the highways through their licensing programs. They not only regulate their own people, but they regulate anybody who uses "their" highways. When these stewards claim the highways as their own, they have become wicked husbandmen. (See Matthew 21:33-46)

Kingdom highways marked in Bible

When the sheriff in Washington wondered where the designations were for the Kingdom of Heaven highways, he was expecting that we would have markers on the side of the road. We don't need road signs. Our highways have already been published in the Bible under the Great Commission. Christ said, "Go to all nations." And His command to "Go to all nations," means that all the highways and byways and paths leading up to everybody's doorstep are designated as Kingdom of Heaven highways. Wherever we go, we are on the Kingdom highways.

If we faithfully stay off the highways in the state and remain on the highways in the Kingdom, there is no way we can trespass upon the state. We cannot commit traffic crimes against the state because we are not using their highways. Some jurisdictions are beginning to understand this and are dismissing charges against our ambassadors.

State motor vehicle statutes mean absolutely nothing to us because they only apply to those using highways in the state. They do not write statutes for those using highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is outside their jurisdiction. State law enforcement must come onto the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to stop us. And if they cite us with violations of their statutes, they are trespassing. They do not supervise the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

Don't be deceived about where the battleground is. They want us to argue about their statutes. But if we play on their battleground, we will lose. The state makes decrees and controls those who are on their turf. We need to stay off their roads and stay on the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

When we are stopped by the police, we need to tell the police officer that we are not using the "highways in their state." We are using the "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven." They do not supervise the "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven," nor do we seek their permission to travel upon them. Jesus Christ has given us all the authority we need through the Great Commission. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

Our strongest argument is that we are using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. They fear the Great Commission because it is the foundation which establishes the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

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