Embassy of Heaven




Conversation with Sheriff

Sheriff of Whatcom County            Pastor Paul Revere of Embassy of Heaven Church

Date: January 21, 1994

We received the following telephone call from the Sheriff of Whatcom County after he received our NOTICE OF TRESPASS letter.

Sheriff Hello, this is the Sheriff of Whatcom County. I have received the NOTICE OF TRESPASS letter. I would like to know specifically how we trespassed upon you.
Revere It is quite simple. You took one of our ambassadors and threw him in jail. You had to enter upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to do what you did to Caleb Israel. He was on a mission and you removed him from the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sheriff No, he was on the highways in the state of Washington.
Revere There is no way he was on the highways in the state of Washington. If he was on your highways, then it would be a trespass. But he was not. He was on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sheriff But what do you do with, "Render to Caesar that which is Caesar's?"
Revere You are forgetting the other half of Christ's statement, "Render unto God that which is God's."
Sheriff The meaning of that statement is that you bear allegiance to God for what is His, but you submit to the earthly authorities for what is theirs, right?
Revere No, Jesus never promoted the Roman Empire. He only promoted the Kingdom of Heaven. When He came to earth He brought His own Kingdom and He wants us to give our entire allegiance to Him.
Sheriff But the meaning of the parable was the same.
Revere We are not talking about a parable. Jesus was responding to the Pharisees who were trying to entangle Him in His words.
Sheriff He submitted to the earthly authorities, did He not?
Revere No, He did not submit to the earthly authorities. He stated that if you belong to Caesar, then give to Caesar. But if you belong to God, then give to God.
  We are a peculiar people, called out of the Kingdoms of the world. Jesus died to promote the Kingdom of Heaven as the government of God. Caleb Israel was on God's highways. He has all the proper documentation. He has made full declaration and allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, the government which has called him.
Sheriff Well we certainly have no problem with his spiritual beliefs and his relationship with God. But I guess we have a problem when he violates the criminal statutes of the state of Washington and trespasses against the state of Washington.
Revere But he is not trespassing upon the state of Washington because first, he is not a resident of the state of Washington; and second, he has not agreed to any of the decrees declared by the state of Washington.
Sheriff By virtue of the fact that he comes into the state of Washington, by his mere presence, he agrees to abide by the laws for the common good of the people of the state of Washington.
Revere But he is already under the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven and he is under the scope of that government. In other words, he is using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. He is not using the highways in the state of Washington. He is responding to the Great Commission, "Go to all nations." When Jesus gave that command, He opened up the highways for us. Our Father's highways have been here longer than the state of Washington highways. Jesus Christ established our highways 2,000 years ago.
  Take a look at the highways. There are multiple jurisdictions claiming the same concrete. The postal service calls the roads, "post roads." Post roads were established by the United States Constitution. Those same roads are called military highways by the army. They are also called highways in the state of Washington. For our purposes, they are called highways within the Kingdom of Heaven. And the concrete that we use goes to everybody's doorstep.
  That is all that Caleb was doing. He was fulfilling his duties as an ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven. He was preaching the Gospel as commanded by the Great Commission.
Sheriff I think again that the problem that we had was that he violated a traffic statute of the laws of the state of Washington.
Revere I am sorry, but how could he violate a traffic statute of the state of Washington? We are not commissioned by the state. We are commissioned by duty from God. Like I said, he is on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sheriff I guess we have a problem with that because they are not so designated.
Revere But they are designated. It is right there in the scriptures under the Great Commission. The highways have been opened up by Jesus, "Go to all nations preaching the Gospel."
Sheriff Okay, well apparently he has been released from the jail now.
Revere Oh he has.
Sheriff Yes. He is no longer in custody, so it is my understanding that he is on his way and he is free to do as he will.
Revere We appreciate that. We just pray that everyone will receive the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not a vile government. It is probably the most sound and honorable government on the face of the earth.
Sheriff I am sure we would certainly have no disagreement with that.
Revere I appreciate any glass of water that you can share with our people in any future contacts.
Sheriff Thank you for the letter and we will do that.
Revere Thank you Dave, and we appreciate your call.
Sheriff Thank you very much. Good bye.

All charges against Caleb Israel were dismissed and he was released from jail. All glory to Jesus.