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Attorneys Run the World

Attorneys run the worldWhen a dispute arises between you and your neighbor, who is first in line to solve it? Every time anyone has a matter they need to settle, they run to an attorney.

Office of Person

The most common office held in the State is the "office of person." It is an office most people fill without even knowing it.

Office of Person
Intent Establishes Jurisdiction
Multiple Jurisdiction Highways
Date of Birth

Appealing to Men's Courts

What the Church is really struggling over is authority. We don't want a standing recognized by the world...

Who Stole the Oregon Courts?

While I was attempting to write pleadings for my special appearance in traffic court here in Oregon, I came across a magnificently executed deception.

Defusing the Courts

For most of us, the thought of appearing in court before a black-robed priest sends cold shivers down our spine. No one wants to be dragged into their courts.

Court Illusions Court Illusions

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Court AvoidanceCourt Avoidance

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Christians and the Law Courts

By Leo Tolstoy

'Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned.' Does not this mean that besides not blaming one's neighbor one must not set up law-courts, nor judge one's neighbor in them?

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Also by Tolstoy:
What are Governments to Do?

Playing Court Game

Playing Court Game
Responding to Law Courts
Who Determines Citizenship?
No Court
Obeying Higher Authorities

Playing Court Games

Starting Lawsuits

It seems that almost every day someone urges us to start a lawsuit. There is a brave young family who suffered greatly at the hands of the State of South Carolina, but chose to suffer. Read their story.

Office Controls Man

Office Controls ManIf you profess Christ and you try to fill a State office, you will have to choose whom you will serve.

Plaintiff Owns Courts

Imagine for a moment that you are on the Christian Crusaders baseball team and are scheduled to play against Beelzebub's Braves...

Christ in the Courtroom

Christ in the CourtroomWhen we claim allegiance to the Heavenly government, persecution begins. But eventually, when we remain steadfast, they can no longer deny our existence.

Request for Godly Counsel

Attorney Test

Printable Form

Court Defects

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Court Defects

Only One Mediator

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Overcoming Adversary's Questions

Midnight Rider Series

"Ever since we entered this battle, we've been trying to improve our argument, hoping to win in court. If we could somehow make the right argument, they would leave us alone - or so we thought. The mark we aimed for was to win in court..."

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Fair Trial

Plaintiff Owns Courts

No Fair Trial

Fair Trial?

No Fair Trial

Diplomatic Immunity

As ambassadors of Christ's kingdom, shouldn't we also claim Diplomatic Immunity?

Secret Service Investigates Kingdom of Heaven Documents