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Intent Establishes Jurisdiction

written by Paul Revere while in "the hole" (solitary confinement)

Many truths have been revealed to me while being in jail. I wish I had more paper to write them down. Here is more information on the word, "person," as used in State statutes.

Who, specifically, is included in the subset of "persons"? Does it include everyone on earth, or only residents, or even a special group? It turns out that it depends on who wrote the law and what elements are in the statute. As an example, if a rule stated that all "persons" must be up in the morning at 6:00 a.m., then the "persons" affected would only be those under the control of the rule-maker. Does this mean only residents? No. Even guests would be affected if they came into the control area of the rule-maker. Foreigners could come under the jurisdiction of the rule-maker. This means a citizen of Heaven could come under the jurisdiction of a world authority.

What if the State makes a statute that says all "persons" must have a driver license to use the highways of this State. Normally, only State residents would be required to obtain a State driver license because they have made the lawmakers their god. Could the State's jurisdiction also include other States' residents? Yes, depending on how aggressive that State wants to be. This is done by compacts and agreements with other States.

How about requiring a driver license for those who are not a resident with any State, such as citizens of Heaven? Yes. The reason is that the State claims the highways as their own and grants privileges to whomever they choose. Therefore, anyone who uses the highways in the State must have a driver license from a recognized State. This means jurisdiction includes everyone in the universe that wants to use the highways in the State.

Paramount Claim to Highways

Traveling without the State's permission looks hopeless, but not all bases have been covered. Remember that the State "claims" the highways in the State and grants permission to use them. Where does the State get the right to "claim" the highways? By the simple statement that the highways are needed for State purpose.

Let's take a short diversion. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ established a Kingdom of Heaven by being crucified. After His resurrection, He commanded that His followers, "Go to all nations." This great commandment established the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Christ claimed all highways and byways. Even the paths leading to everyone's doorstep became highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. How did Jesus get the right to "claim" the highways? By the simple statement that the highways were needed for His purpose.

The States came into existence about 1800 years after Christ's Kingdom and also made claim over the highways. Does the State's claim overrule Christ's claim? No. The State cannot undo what Christ did. What does this mean? It means that there are two jurisdictions over the same highways. Actually, there are many jurisdictions over the same highways. The United States of America claims the highways as post roads for the purpose of moving the mail. The military claims the highways for the purpose of protecting the people through the use of violence.

Purpose Separates Jurisdictions

Is there a conflict between the jurisdictions? Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. There might be a few squabbles, but most of those struggles have been resolved. How does one know which highway he is on? It is quite simple. Even though the highways have the same street names in all jurisdictions, they are discerned by the intended purpose of travel. All highways are established by "intent."

The purpose or intent of traveling down a highway establishes who is god over that highway. Even though the facts look identical, the purpose separates the jurisdictions. Scripture talks about this in several places. Two houses look the same, but have different foundations. Two women are at a millstone; one taken, the other one left. Two men are in the same field; one taken, the other one left. The difference between all these situations is the foundation or intent. Two people can be doing exactly the same thing and using exactly the same space and be under two different jurisdictions.

One man can drive down the highway and be under the State motor vehicle code and its regulations. Another man can drive down the same highway without those burdens. The second man is using the highways for the paramount claim of taking the Gospel to all nations. He is only subject to the light burdens of Jesus Christ. The State is trespassing if it tries to hamper the free travel of this man. The State cannot, without trespass; stop, detain, cite, arrest, imprison, or hear actions against such a man. If this man is stopped by an officer of the State, his only obligation is to state his purpose of travel in order to establish that he is using the highways of the Kingdom of Heaven. The State officer must then desist from taking action against him. Otherwise, the officer is trespassing on Christ.

A declared intent would be something like, "I am an Ambassador of Jesus Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven and I am using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in obedience to the Great Commission. You are trespassing if you interfere with my duties and you have no jurisdiction on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Struggle over use of highways

Jurisdiction is established by intent. Allegiance is one of those ways to establish intent. Signing contracts is another way to establish intent. When we are baptized into the Kingdom of Heaven, we have declared our intent and at that point the past is a bucket of ashes. Everything we do from that point on is building on Christ's foundation. In the Spirit realm, intent is the foundation that actions are built upon. The State cannot grant a privilege to use the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. They did not establish that foundation, therefore it is not theirs to manipulate. The State must convince us that we are using the highways in their State in order to manipulate our use of the highways. As long as we remain steadfast in Christ's Kingdom and stay on His highways, the State is barred from intervening with our use of the highways. Our struggle is not over citizenship, but over the use of the highways. The State might be able to use the police powers to regulate the highways in the State, but they have no right to interfere with the free travel on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope all is well. Through my suffering, maybe we can reestablish the Kingdom of Heaven for future generations. May Jesus be glorified in all these writings.

In Jesus' Name we pray,
Paul Revere, Pastor


It is a battle of jurisdiction. They are afraid that if they let one man out, everybody will go with him - and they are right.

Paul Revere, Pastor