Embassy of Heaven




No Fair Trial

Answer, you rulers: are your judgements just? Do you decide impartially between man and man? Never! Your hearts devise all kinds of wickedness and survey the violence that you have done on earth. Psalm 58:1-2 NEB

Imagine yourself standing in a courtroom pitted against the "best of darkness." You are a citizen of Heaven (Philippians 3:20). Your kingdom is not of their world (John 18:36). You tell the court they cannot judge you, but they insist that they can. No matter how persuasive your argument, they continue to grease the slide.

What we want to do is stop them in their tracks. We have found one challenge that captures their attention like no other. It attacks their very heartbeat. The challenge is that no court, from municipal to supreme, can give us a fair trial. The reason? The legislature does not make our laws. Yet, the courts belong to the legislature. Because of the courts' loyalty to the lawmakers, they cannot be impartial when deciding if someone is under their law.

Here is the problem. The "courts" look like courts, but they are not. They are creatures of the lawmakers. The courts are not free to render Godly decisions. They can only render decisions that uphold the will of the lawmakers.

The lawmakers gained control of the courts just by creating them. What one creates, one controls. As soon as the court is created by the lawmakers, they are biased toward the lawmakers because the lawmakers are their boss.

The courts ceased to be courts the moment they aligned themselves with the lawmakers. True courts must be impartial toward all parties directly involved with the controversy. The very definition of due process means that those who judge must remain separate from the controversy. Yet these courts are a party to it. They are hearing their own cause.

We thought judges would deny that they cannot render fair and impartial decisions, but we were wrong. We told one judge how the whole court structure was biased and prejudiced. He agreed and added, "But that is the way the people want it." Other judges have openly admitted they cannot decide against the lawmakers. "We are beholden to the legislature," they say.

If the legislature makes your laws, you are one with them and have waived the right to challenge the court's relationship to the legislature. If you are not one of their residents, then the court is biased, and that is a denial of due process.

The court's weakest link is that their boss is the legislature. A true republican form of government assumes that the judiciary is beholden to no one other than Almighty God - and that is a true court. If the judiciary is beholden to another branch of government - they have been bribed. Narrow is the way. The court needs to keep a pure, unbiased position to render fair and impartial decisions.

A court's decision-making power is based on providing due process. Due process is the heartbeat of the court. Their loyalty has to be to due process and to no other. They cannot be "married" to both due process and to the legislative assembly. They must be true to only one. In reality, the courts are committing adultery with the legislature because they are supposed to be married to due process.

Since these courts are legislative tribunals, they can only hear violations of statutes. We claim the legislature does not make laws for Heaven. We are raising an issue that is outside the scope of these legislative tribunals.

Even though these courts have no jurisdiction over Heaven, they will still compel us to stand trial. It is not easy to stop these courts from moving ahead, unless you find a fatal flaw. The fatal flaw is that the courts cannot provide a fair trial to someone who claims to be a foreign entity outside the jurisdiction of the legislature.

As soon as we claim not to be under their law, the judge is disqualified to hear the matter because the court was created by the lawmakers. We have raised an issue that makes the court itself a party to the action. This automatically makes the court biased and prejudiced. It is the issue itself that disqualifies the court.

On your Mark - Get set - GO

Would you hire a concrete jack hammer man to take a cavity out of your tooth? No! He would smash in your head. Would you allow a judge with a log in his eye (Matthew 7:4) to render a decision? No! He cannot see. What do you do? We have found the following approach to be the most successful.

When you are brought before their legislative tribunals, the first statement out of your mouth is, "MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF YOUR WORLD." This is basically the same challenge that Jesus made before the courts. It is equivalent to saying, "Your boss does not make my laws." Our activities in the Kingdom of Heaven are none of their business. We will not abide by any of their decisions, whether they give us a fair trial or not. But if they are going to proceed anyway, then we are going to expose their lack of due process.

Forget about all the other issues. Don't worry about your rights. Don't bother with the counsel issue. Get down to simply finding out one thing, "CAN YOU GIVE ME A FAIR TRIAL?" That is it, that is your only concern. Do not ask about anything else. Get the judge to say, "Yes." He has to give you a "yes" - he has no other choice. If he says, "No," you have something you can run with to the media. "Look, Judge So and So says I can't have a fair trial."

Let me tell you, the whole population will be on your side. Everybody believes that everyone should have a fair trial. That is a given - we do not have to work for that one. The judge might say, "What does a fair trial have to do with anything?"

"It has EVERYTHING to do with me being here. A decision without a fair trial, is no decision at all."

Put him on the hot seat. You have always been on the hot seat, but now it's his turn because he is the one who wants to do the trial. They always work with our admissions. They gather our admissions and use them against us. What we need to do is get the judge to make an admission that shows his court is defective. If the judge won't answer your questions, remind him you are only trying to determine whether or not you will be getting a fair trial.

Laying the axe to the root

Don't move forward until the judge says, "Yes, you will get a fair trial."


That statement is complete and introduces everything we need for the full challenge. The denial of due process is that the judge is trying to decide something that involves his boss. He cannot do it. He is biased and prejudiced - he loves his master. As long as he loves his master, he will not go against him (Matthew 6:24). This is an issue of LOYALTY. The judge is going to be loyal to the legislative assembly. He has to be.

There is no chance these legislative judges will rule against their boss. It is like expecting the dairymen to urge people to quit drinking milk. That would destroy the dairy industry. Neither will these judges, who work for the legislature, rule that someone is not subject to the legislature's laws. They won't do it. That would destroy the lawmaking industry.


If you have an honest judge, he might say, "This will have to be decided by the higher courts."

Now you have him right where you want. The appeals courts cannot hear your issue either. They have a log in their eye, just like the lower courts. They were also created by the lawmakers.

If the judge tries to move ahead over your objections, ask, "HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY MOVING FORWARD WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS I AM BEING DENIED DUE PROCESS?" Just stay on that single issue. You might make the judge mad - you have caught him with his pants down. They are farther down than they have ever been. And he will know you are exposing him. He will realize exactly what you are saying - and he will know it is all true.

Don't participate in unfair trial

When you show them it is impossible for them to give you due process, you are in a beautiful position, but you need to know how to benefit from this truth. A few years ago we submitted a Notice of Court Deficiencies exposing the court's inability to render fair, impartial decisions. The judge carefully read the Notice and said, "I agree with you 100 percent, but I am going to proceed anyway."

Right there we had her admission. All we had to say was, "You mean you are going to hear this matter even though this court is biased and prejudiced?"

Don't let them proceed. Keep asking the judge, "Wait a minute, don't you think I should have a fair trial before an impartial tribunal?" It is something the judge cannot deny. The judge has to say yes. If you cannot get a "yes," from the judge then say, "If you don't think that I should have a fair trial, then let's forego all the formalities and take me straight to jail." Be ready to lose your life, because that is the only way you are going to call them on it.

What you are doing is playing it out. You are saying, "Okay, if I am being denied due process, there is nothing more to do. We do not need a judge. We do not need a jury. We do not even need this court room. All you have to do is simply hand me over to the officer and the officer put me in jail. Nothing more is needed."

If you do end up in the lockup, you have something to tell the inmates. Word will spread fast that the courts are a sham. Then they won't want you in their jails anymore.

Stay on Fair Trial issue

I like to keep these things simple, very simple. If you have too many issues involved, then you have too many items to juggle. Keep it on a single issue - no fair trial. Stay on it like glue. As long as they cannot get past their fair trial problem, they cannot move ahead.

You don't need to learn any court procedures. Your only purpose is to demonstrate a denial of due process. That is all. Don't discuss the charges. Forget about wrangling in the courts. Just expose the darkness, and darkness will flee, lest it be reproved (John 3:20).

The purpose of exposing their denial of due process is not for us. It is for them. We have no need to build a defense before these people. They are meddling in the affairs of Heaven. Nevertheless they want to judge us and they will, unless we can expose the log in their eye.

Do not fear them, no matter what kind of threats they make. They are only bullies. If you don't expose them, they will keep holding you in their power. They are the lower powers. They are not the higher powers. They are mere men. Don't let them intimidate you into believing you must build a defense before them. Take Apostle Paul's attitude, "I care very little if I am judged by you or by any human court" (1 Corinthians 4:3 NIV).

Keep your hands on the plow. Ask if you are going to get a fair trial. Tell them that your Kingdom is not of their world and that their boss does not make your laws. Then ask how they can make a fair decision on this issue when they must be loyal to their boss? These questions and their answers demonstrate that the court is hearing its own cause. It is impossible to receive due process because the court is beholden to the legislative assembly. Due process is more important than the law itself. A decision without due process is no decision at all.

The gold prize is that our Kingdom is not of their world. Everything we present must revolve around this single issue. Tell the court, "SINCE YOU BELONG TO THE WORLD AND ARE SUBJECT TO ITS LAWS, YOU HAVE A LOG IN YOUR EYE THAT PREVENTS YOU FROM DECIDING THIS ISSUE. FOR WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE SOMEONE ELSE'S SERVANT?" (Romans 14:4). They cannot decide whether we are subject to the legislature because they are ONE with them. That makes them biased and prejudiced.

After you have exposed them, be ready to lay down your life and be defrauded, rather than submitting to their biased and prejudiced court.