Embassy of Heaven




Christ in the Courtroom

Ambassador: Paul
Mission Field: Minnesota

When I was in court yesterday, everyone stood up when the judge The Light of Christwalked in, but I did not. When he asked if I had intolerance, I told him, "I am in a situation right now that because of my religious beliefs, I cannot rise when you enter the room or call you, 'your honor.' If I did, I would be going against the first of the Ten Commandments."

"What do you mean?" asked the judge.

"God says in the first commandment, 'I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any false gods before me.' I cannot call you, 'your honor.' If you profess to be a Christian and work for Jesus Christ, I can honor what you do. But I cannot call you, 'your honor.' That is putting you up at a level with Jesus Christ and that would make me a sinner."

The judge just about fell out of his chair. He said, "Let's get down to business here."

I said, "I just wanted to make it clear. As far as I am concerned, you do not eat, drink, sleep or get rid of your waste food any differently than I do. I do not put you any higher than myself."

Is judge your brother in Christ?

Here is another idea that you might try the next time you are in court. When the judge asks you a question, say, "Before I can answer your question, I need to know, 'Are you my brother in Christ?'"

If he says, "No," ask him, "Then who are you to judge someone else's servant?" (Romans 14:4)

If he refuses to answer your question, say, "By the same authority, I have no need to answer your questions."

If he is going to remain in darkness, then he must be a stranger and we are commanded to flee from strangers. (John 10:5).

If the judge says, "Yes, I am your brother in Christ." Ask, "Then who are you to lord over your brother?

"If we are brothers, then don't we have the same Father? And why is brother lording over brother? If you are truly my brother in Christ, then why are you not treating me the way you would want to be treated?"

These questions arouse consciousness. Yes, these judges have their jobs to do, but they do not rule over the household of God. That is the major advantage that we have. They rule over the unbelievers. They worship and serve the state, which is the created thing, rather than our Creator. They are all idolaters because they have exalted the state into God's realm.

When we claim allegiance to the Heavenly government, persecution begins. But eventually, when we remain steadfast, they can no longer deny our existence. They will have to receive us. Time is on our side. Whenever you try to do anything new, it is always rejected. Even the electric light bulb was rejected. But now here it is and everybody has one. It is the same with the Kingdom of Heaven.