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Who determines citizenship?

Our biggest obstacle in court, is overcoming the court's refusal to acknowledge our new citizenship in Heaven. The court continues to claim us as one of theirs. Who is the final authority on our citizenship? Is the court the final authority? No, it is actually you. You are the final authority. Unless you are their slave, they cannot speak for you. They are not your master. You are the one who chooses whom you will serve, not them.

Object when they start moving ahead with their court ceremony. Keep telling them you are a citizen of Heaven and they have no business trying you. Don't answer their questions, lest you appear to be subject to them. Invite them to file a complaint with the Embassy of Heaven and we will investigate and, if necessary, set a hearing. Why should they be hearing this matter? You don't belong to them. Who are they to judge someone else's servant? (Romans 14:4)

I have always said, never get tried in the courts of unbelievers. Do anything you can to keep from being tried. You are better off getting a contempt of court, than to participate in their proceeding. Do not let them try you because it is none of their business.

Remember, just because the opposition says it, does not make it so. When they say that the matter must be tried in their courts, it does not mean there are no other alternatives. Our position is the Church should decide the matter. If necessary, a hearing will be held before your peers, your fellow believers. Just because they say, "No, it must be tried here," does not mean you must accept it. That is only their position, not the Church's position. They want you to believe in their system and submit yourself to the way they want to do things. They are bullies. Just because the bullies force their will upon you, does not make them right.

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